i vote that in the next star trek film instead of having another female strip down to her panties and bra, jim kirk should strip down to his panties and bra.


omfg I was walking home from the bus stop and I saw this elderly couple where this woman was pushing her husband in a wheelchair and I was like “aw that’s cute” but as I got closer to them I heard them talking and she was like “you’re a huge asshole, tom” and he was like “JUST PUSH ME INTO A DITCH”


Where are his parents





I stole Spock’s ipod and these were the most played songs.

Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds // Live While We’re Young - One Direction // Timber - Pitbull feat. Kesha // Stronger - Kanye West // Glamorous - Fergie // I Won’t Say I’m in Love - Disney’s Hercules // Happy - Pharrell Williams // Feeling This - Blink 182 // You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift // Toxic - Britney Spears


Eli Roth and Diane Kruger on the set of Inglourious Basterds, 2009.

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